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    Interactive SmartRecruiters — the digital solution for effective recruitment and onboarding

    Interactive SmartRecruiters - a full-cycle recruitment and onboarding workflow solution that includes all the relevant steps.

    All information only entered once!

    Auto generation of interview replies, offers or contracts.

    Use our Robot to automize your recruitment

    The solution uses advanced AI and Robotics to automize as many processes as possible.

    • Keep track of all applicants by having one single overview

    • Covers all steps in any recruitment process.

    • Request for hiring – where any department can request a new employee

    • Application process – where HR finalizes the posting based on the request and the candidate fills out the form and uploads CV

    • Interview process – where all interviewers can see comments and scoring in one single overview

    • Contracting process – here the offer , contract and other documents are autogenerated based on previously filled data

    • Onboarding process -including pre-boarding is included as automatic elements with reminders, welcome videos, training videos, welcome package, supplying with assets ( PC, Phone, etc)

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    Use cases

    Interactive SmartRecruiters Boost Engagement and satisfaction

    Through the Retruiter Wizard, the marketing manager can easily formulate job requirements that are automatically translated into a job ad. A link comes with the ad, in which all applicants enter their contact information. Once the best candidates are found, Interactive SmartRecruiters sends out a meeting request to the selected and denials to the deselected.

    Interview comments are written directly into Interactive SmartRecruiters so that you can easily share comments about a candidate.

    Once interviews have been held and the right candidate has been found, SmartPerformers will send out a link to them, where the personal information is filled in in a relevant contract type. Here, a contract quote with a digital mobile verification is automatically generated for access to the candidate. When the candidate accepts the offer and HR presses "hire," Interactive SmartRecruiters automatically enters the new marketing assistant into the organization chart and the new employee gets his or her own SmartPerformers.

    Congratulations, you now have a new employee who is fully integrated inside the employee lifecycle management solution SmartPerformers.

    The new marketing assistant is welcomed with the Onboarding module, where colleagues can share training materials and welcome videos directly from their mobile. The HR MasterData module stores all current and future documents belonging to the Marketing Assistant. At the same time, there will be an overview of assets provided, such as workphone, Labtop and keys.



    Selected benefits from a SmartBoard implementation:

    • Increased Employee Motivation

      By ensuring an easy and fast recruitment and onboarding process.

    • Candidate overview for all stakeholders

      Each stakeholder can customize individual candidate overview.

    • Short and simple implementation

      By the use of Robots we are able to implement the solution very fast with only minimal involvement from your IT department.

    • Only once – reuse of input

      Both recruiters and candidate shall only enter information once! – the rest is managed by the solution.

    • Fully digital

      no need for paper since all steps are fully digital and as automatic as practically allowed.

    • Safe and easy

      GDPR compliant by design no data stored remotely. All in the portal.

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